It’s Like the Hero’s Journey with an Added Extortion Component

In Chicago, 71 gay men — flung mercilessly into the spotlight and pitted against one another in the High Cow Hunger Games — locked arms, banded together, and declared themselves brothers.

Meanwhile, in Houston, two of my straight co-workers just got into a knock-down, drag-out screaming match over a salad.

This whole “Return to the Real World” is a lot more grating than I thought it would be. Fortunately, I’m the only one in the office with keys to the restrooms, so everyone else can either simmer the hell down or invest in Depends. I’ll leave it for them to decide.

Author: Thumper

Thumper (Horkos) Marjorie Splitfoot Forge is a Gardnerian High Priest, an initiate of the Minoan Brotherhood, a Discordian Episkopos, a recovering alcoholic, and a notary public.

4 thoughts on “It’s Like the Hero’s Journey with an Added Extortion Component”

  1. *insert obligatory “right in front of my salad” joke here*

    But seriously, coming back to reality after a vacation–especially one where you get to make new friends and be your authentic self–is just the worst. Fuck needing to have a job and money to pay bills, right?

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    1. Just a standard garden salad in a to-go container. The office manager was cleaning out the fridge and started to toss it (no pun intended), and the accountant who’d brought it for lunch flipped out. Things escalated from there.


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